Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dead Wives - Buzzy Fuzzy

Lip Keebler's Dead Wives are back with Buzzy Fuzzy, part 1 of their "Basement Trilogy".

It's been a little while since we have heard anything from Dead Wives. One might worry that lead guitarist/singer/songwriter Mike Falcone has abandoned his band as Speedy Ortiz (for whom he drums) has blown up to the national level. Not the case, as Mike and crew relieve our concerns with Buzzy Fuzzy, part 1 of a 3 part "Basement Trilogy".

"Honey Crunch" takes off like a train and has the usual Dead Wives grunge vibe but mixed slightly on the Sebadoh side. Twangy guitar and subtle vocals fill the song as it trucks along as steady speeds. "Beekeeper" brings the attitude back to the vocals that we have all come to love from Dead Wives. A bit more on the dissonant side, this song feels like a classic example of Dead Wives. Jangly and unhinged, while still maintaining an intricate edge to the songs.

"Angry Swarm" is a wonderful noisy mess. Full of deep low vocals and thick meaty guitar. "Mavis" is the most catchy of these songs, like a pop gem from the late 80's or early 90's on some college band's cassette. "Incinerator" starts like a deep cut from a classic era GBV record, dark and meandering. It then takes a spazzed out turn half way through and becomes a frenzied dark groove. "Deity" closes out the originals on the album with some slow sludgy beef. Mind warping fuzzy palm muted guitar with big fat beats.

Following these tracks are a pair of odd covers, Ween's "Don't Sweat It" which is true to the warped and nauseating original (I mean that in a good way I swear!) and a bizarro version of Nicki Minaj's "Beez In The Trap". Both are zany as hell and worth their time.

Check this out on Dead Wive's Bandcamp where you can pick it up for FREE!

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