Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Untitled Album by SPerrin

Here's a little gem we overlooked this year. Totally lean and to the point, SPerrin's (Scott Perrin) "Untitled Album" is sweet lo-fi surprise!

"Shaking Hex" is like a dusty old track from the 80's, like something from the middle of Sonic Youth's "Sister" or Husker Du's "New Day Rising". High energy while still retaining a "groovy gloom" this song is a whole bunch of fun.

"Down The Tubes" is jangly and angular with a ferocious edge. Guitars are beaten and vocals are chanted and bellowed in what sounds like an vast audio landscape of squalor. Now I am realizing there are some elements of classic era Modest Mouse in here.

The softer "Shipwrecked" is not any less solid, a deep and low tune that feels somber and introspective. Closer "Waiting Hex" brings back the same energy we started this wonderful 7 minute release with, delightfully careless lo-fi performed with reckless abandon.

You can't buy this, apparently, as there is no link to do so, or much else in terms of information. That stand-offish attitude aids in the enjoyment of this EP, if you ask me.

STREAM this shit here:

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