Monday, December 23, 2013

Laser Week - Rose Beetle

Laser Week is a new mysterious band featuring members of the now-defunct (and totally amazing) Jake Ryder.

"Like A Rose" starts out with synth piano akin to the "Home Movies" title, with some light percussion and effected vocals. All around pleasant, and somehow pretty uneasy. The vocalist sings "The future unfolds, it unfolds like a rose" as the song fades out.

"Christ and Rose Beetle" has that retro sound that's so "IN" right now, like an old warped lo-fi tape. This song is cozy as a result of its fidelity. The thick saturated lo-fi sound is like a warm blanket covering this song in charm.

"Rosalie" continues in the same vein of lo-fi, another super poppy tune shrouded in warmth. This song is especially poppy in a "traditional" way in its composition, and makes for an all around enjoyable sound.

"Emeralds" clocks in at :46, a short little ditty that leaves you salivating for more from Laser Week. I hope this is the beginning of more releases!

In the release notes on the Laser Week Bandcamp it says "message for a dl code and we'll send you one. also message if interested in handmade cassette or cd" so I recommend you do just that.

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