Monday, August 25, 2014

Dr. Martino's Big Day EP

Dr. Martino are a band in Willimantic that moved there from Florida earlier this year. They have been playing shows and have released their new EP "Big Day" which is brimming with good time tunes to brighten your parties and fill up your ears!

"Hollywood Coprophagia" breaks into it fast and mean with a late 80's early 90's blast of guitar and vocal melody. These guys do an extremely poppy flavor of surf rock! Super upbeat party rock at it's finest. Catch this song on the Summer Mix MMXIV.

"Some Kind Of Kneelin'" slows the train down but keeps it rich and thick with tone and vocal melody. Like a modern take on an old 50's standard, this song is nostalgic but nonetheless exciting and new. "2024" seems timid but has a speeding beat propelling it through lovely guitar licks and harmonious vocals. Half way the song kicks into a different tempo and fills in more of that early 90's guitar nostalgia. This band is all over the temporal plane; singing about the future and referencing many places in the past.

Shell Rot" is significantly more aggressive musically, thunderous drums and mean riffs start it off before going back to a more surf pop sound. There is definitely a super quirky element to this band, vocally and musically. They are clearly all about fun and laughing, a true good time band. "Dag" is perfect for the end of this EP as it covers a significant musical pallet. From slow poppy beginnings to solid mid 90's alt-rock, soft and loud coalesce with the aid of super saturated vocal harmonies.

Check out their bandcamp page!

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Anonymous said...

This is the best band in CT. Everyone should bang them.