Thursday, August 28, 2014

Peaer - The Eyes Sink Into The Skull

Peaer is the artist name of Peter, formerly of Fugue and Poverty Hollow. He has a new deep dark moody album of weirdo prog songs that is well worth your time. He also couldn't have possibly chosen a better album cover for the sound of this album.

"Mouther" starts slow and somber, in an area somewhere between hi-fi and lo-fi. It is dark and moody to the extreme, and gives off the brooding vibe and musical prowess you'd expect from someone who was in Fugue. There's an odd combination of Low and Pinback in here that is hard to put your finger on, a sort of middle ground between melodic and dissonant where this lives.

"The Dark Spot" is what I imagine would be a "single" for this album, still majorly disjointed and challenging but much brighter and filled with wonder. It's complex nature is what makes it especially stand out to me. It is music of this nature that speaks to me because it isn't intending to impress, simply follow its own course: art for the sake of art with little to no outside interference. I also should point out the guitar work also reminds me of one of my favorite guitar bands: Gastr Del Sol.

"Left Felt" is another stand out track in that it has just enough pop appeal to let people inside. I start to notice around this point that everything on this album seems, and for good purpose, very muted. The guitars and the drums especially stand out has having very little sustain and saturation, and for these songs particularly, that makes a HUGE difference. It makes these songs stand out as compositions on their own without swells and sustains of effects. A musician laying bare.

"Wet Dream" is another dark and eerie dream of a song, sliding in and out of the pop spectrum and back into the murky swamps of this muted and brooding world. "Surprise Party" is another groover that sticks out as a tiny bit on the "feel good" side. Vocal harmonies and chill guitars keep this song trucking along with a solid groove.

"Dusty" has some less sparse production on it as well as a bit more musical urgency. This one also has some interesting and hard to place classic rock sounds. It's a pretty hard task to sound urgent and also still be as muted and bare as this song is. I think it's tremendous what Peter has been able to make, this is a unique album of wonderfully offbeat and complex compositions. A challenge to be sure, but since when did you think music was supposed to be easy???

This album will come out on September 1st, get in line and grab a copy!

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