Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Melt - Stay for a While

Here's a fun/cool/weird 3 track EP by Torrington/Litchfield's Melt. "Funny You Should Mention" is like a fuzzy old song from the glory days of underground rock. At once sounding both classic and new this song sounds brooding and dark but heartfelt, with uneasy guitars and sweet effected croons. This song also plays in 3 different tempos in a mere 3 and a half minutes.

"Let's Go For A Ride" is a little less dark and a little more sweet. Extremely cool bass guitar work in this song alongside those same lovely effected vocals. This song also slips in and out of different tempos, which is an interesting choice. "Sleep Until It's Dark"  returns to the uneasy but pretty guitar sound of the first track, feeling like a weird lo-fi combo of Elison Jackson and Werewolf Police. "Sleep.." is definitely more on the experimental side than any of the other tracks, and with the big picture we can see this band clearly has a lot they intend to explore in sound.

Big ups to this band and their late june release. Get your ears into it!

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