Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birds of Avalon

photo~ Gary Copeland

Thursday, June 25, 2009 - Cafe Nine New Haven, CT $6 COVER - 21+

Birds of Avalon already have a full length and an EP under their belts that have both been very well received, especially amongst some of the raddest bands who have asked the band to support them on tours. In the past two years, they have been asked to open on tours by the Raconteurs, Black Mountain, Flaming Lips, Monotonix, and Ted Leo. The band recorded the upcoming album themselves with all analog equipment in their rehearsal space and Mitch Easter (REM, Wilco, Pavement) helped mix the album.

"a swirl of "angular” (Siler) and "linear" (Kumar) guitar work and driving drums accompanied by dreamy lyrical pop sensibilities (Tilley) that have reviewers throwing around words like "swaggering" and "magnetic," and citing Birds of Avalon as "potent proof" that intelligent guitar rock does, indeed, exist." - Venus

"…twin-guitar blast of scuzzed, fuzzed, and buzzed Cheap Trick cheekiness" - Spin Magazine

"The bouncy, dual-guitar riffed "Measure Of The Same" comes from said six-song EP, but it could've also come from a six-song EP released in the late '60s… Perhaps (Mitch Easter is) onto something with this analog thing." – Stereogum

“Mr. White or not, I pity the Racounteurs for having to follow Birds of Avalon. Anyone that’s seen BoA, or Paul and Cheetie’s former band Cherry Valance, knows the heat them dueling North Carolina guitars bring. They make melodic, progressive 1970s rock sound so fucking immediate.” – The Stranger

“The guitar flourishes and flights that the Birds of Avalon peck out are mountainous and dexterous, smacking of all of the glories that the instrument can produce with a suitable dance partner and the very things that make players contort their faces into orgasmic scramblings in front of complete strangers like my neighbor here… Birds of Avalon give a reminder that huge guitars can never go out of style and that Thin Lizzy and Tom Petty used to be as big as it got. Going back to that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.” – Daytrotter

“Birds of Avalon are flying high with their new EP, Outer Upper Inner (Volcom), which sounds like a lost classic-rock album from the ’70s with its deftly tangled guitars and melodically spacy vocals” – LA Weekly

“It is no wonder Ted Leo labeled Birds of Avalon one of his favorite new bands. The North Carolina-based band is all about the rock, and have plenty of punk attitude to boot. Pile (Outer Upper Inner) on top of their debut, Bazaar Bazaar, and this band is putting together some strong support for Ted Leo’s claim.” – Popmatters

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