Monday, June 1, 2009

Doomstar! at Cafe 9

Doomstar! is playing Cafe 9 on Thursday. If you're unfamiliar with Doomstar! then get over to their myspace and listen up. They're a really powerful three-piece from Massachusetts. They seem to be able to throw together plenty of meandering reverbed-out improv jams while still maintaining a coherent sound. To my ears, they're something of a blend of Broken Social Scene, Deerhoof and The Arcade Fire, but seem to be something completely unique. Anyway, they're really great, and by all accounts something that you've got to experience firsthand.

Also playing is the unclassifiable Skeletonbreath. They're also a three-piece: bass, drums, and and violin. This is their record release, they're on Safety Meeting Records.
They seem to switch between metal waltzes to gypsy themes and back again and able to turn on a dime. From what I've heard they're a really tight group. They feature members from the fantastic O'Death, so if you're familiar with O'Death chances are you'll like Skeletonbreath.

Rounding out the bill is The Procedure Club. This duo is
Adam Malec and Andrea Belair. Adam's no stranger to the CT music scene, as he was a member of the fantastic Groovski and Human Pontiac. The Procedure Club is psych-pop at it's core, sweeping mind-melting guitarwork and beautiful spaced-out female vocals. The Procedure Club's debut CD is out on Mexican online label Skribble Kite Records, and can be downloaded for free at What are you waiting for, download it right away!

I've never seen any of these bands, but am looking forward to this show. I'm pretty anxious to see all three. I hope I can make it, and I hope you can too...

Thursday, June 4th. Cafe Nine, 250 State Street, New Haven, CT

The show will cost $6 and begin at 9:00PM. 21+

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