Monday, June 1, 2009


It looks like life has caught up with us, sorry about the delay in posts for a while there, we'll resume thrashing out regular updates this week sometime.

Also, everyone wish JD a happy birthday!


Brushback said...

Uh, Happy Birthday?!?

At first I was hoping this post was going to be about the band Delay.

CT Indie said...

Sorry, man. Nope, just John sticking me out and cooking up excuses for our lack of posts of late. It was one hell of a week.

I read your post about Beloved Binge. I'm glad things worked out for the Beloved Binge. When they first messaged CT Indie that they were touring through about getting some shows, I figured they'd maybe get something only in New Haven. I wish I had gotten to go see them at Charter Oak.

Brushback said...

They were really cool people, too. They were cracking jokes between every song during their set, not in the least bit unconfident... even though half the people there were clapping for the "experimental rock" band that had opened the show, and were looking at Beloved Binge with their arms crossed like "How come these people were allowed to start a band? And why is there only two of them?"

John H. said...

Excuses make the world go round.

There's about a billion bands named Delay... did you mean the shoegazers? Check out Vladislav Delay if you can.

Sounds like Beloved Binge was great, sucks I missed it.

CT Indie said...

john, as in Plan-It-X Records

Brushback said...

Yeah, Delay from Ohio, not The Delay.