Monday, August 31, 2009

Eula, Cleemann and Human Pontiac

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT

FREE - 10:00PM - 21+


Eula may be the hardest working band out of New Haven, continually playing shows in and out of the city, as well as New York, Massachusetts and beyond. Alyse, Nate and Jeff play a unique brand of post rock that’s all the rage right now. They’re getting buzz all over the blogosphere and continually packing venues and playing with some of rock and pop’s hottest indie acts. The music blog Pop Tarts Suck Toasted said about the band: "Eula absolutely propel themselves with their dynamic rhythm section and then stab you again and again with front lady Alyse Lamb's high-pitched, shrill voice. It's an exciting sound, one that makes you want to slam dance or just plain slam things."

Cleemann is a Danish one-man project centered around singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer Gunnar Cleemann. His album “45 Minutes Mostly About Caring” was co-produced with Mario Thaler, who has worked with the likes of indie bands The Notwist and Lali Puna. His music has been described as “subtle acoustic textures blending with computerized beats and loops,” and has a stripped-down Radiohead feel to it. The music blog Fensepost said about Cleemann: "Cleemann's music is about as unique and interesting as pop music comes. However you wish to classify the mystery that is Cleemann, it's hard to deny that there's something genius about his work."

Human Pontiac is the solo project of New Haven’s Adam Malec, who has made a name for himself in the local music scene in bands such as Groovski and Procedure Club. Malec uses computerized beats and loops while playing guitar to create 3-minute bursts of electronic pop. The live show is a must-see.

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