Sunday, August 30, 2009

Records, Records, Records

It seems like this summer a weekend can't go by without a big record sale. There are two upcoming events that you should not miss.

The first is the Back to School Record Convention. Sponsored by Redscroll Records and Manic Productions, this is going to be a huge, huge record sale. Sept 19th, Hamden Elks Lodge, admission is a scant $3.

The second: Trash American Style presents The Danbury Record and CD Expo. All kinds of dealers from across the state will be there, and admission is $4. Sept 27th, at the Holiday Inn (80 Newtown Rd).

Never heard of Trash American Style? It's sort of an American folk legend. As the story goes, Trash started as a quiet little record store in Danbury, but soon exploded as CT's premier underground music store. About two years ago, their landlords dicked them over and kicked them out of their shop (after 18 years!). Since then, Trash has been on the road selling records and sticking it to the man at various conventions and colleges all over the New England area.

Other places you can catch Trash and other record vendors in CT this summer include:

9/4-6: Safe To Swim Weekend in Danbury

9/10: Wesleyan University

9/12: I Am Festival, New London

9/19: Back To School Record Convention

9/20: Trash or Treasure Tag Sale, Heirloom Arts Theatre

9/27: The Danbury Record + CD Expo!

10/11: WESU Community Record Fair, Middletown

10/23-25: WFMU Record Fair

11/2: Wesleyan University.

12/2: University Of Connecticut, Storrs


recordconvention said...

Dear CTindie,
I thought the BtS-RC was indoors?? Plus, it is a scant $3 but only if you get there late... otherwise it is a whopping $10 entry fee to get there early and get first picks.
Also, there are TWO more HUGE record shows coming to CT... Cromwell Record Riot on Sept 20 (the day after the Back to School Record Convention and same day as the Trash or Treasure Tag Sale for those keeping score!)and the New Haven Record Riot on Oct 11, (Same day as WESU)wow.
Too many record shows... and I guarantee there will be not nearly enough participation at any one of these separate events. Even though I would love to go to all of these and support everybody, there is no reason for all of these overlapping so close. Me thinks people should start talking to each other and coordinate all these tiny events and have on big one worth the price of admission.
CTindie--I absolutely love your site! You should run for president. Thank you so much for being one of the few taking all this separate shit and making it into one big site.
Who are you????
we are sleeping but not dead, link us!

John H. said...

Dang, that's a lot of record conventions - too much overlap, I agree.

Wasn't aware of the outdoor/indoor thing, I must've just assumed outdoor because I'm dumb.

Let me put these other shows into the calendar.

Coordinating a double-huge record show would be spectacular.

You have been linked.