Monday, August 24, 2009

The Mystery Lights and The Villains

This Thursday evening, Surf Nite! at Two Boots has a special little surprise for us. A psych garage band called The Mystery Lights from California will be rocking out with local surf legends The Villians.

The Mystery Lights have some great songs with wild 60s-inspired guitar riffs. Sometimes the songs meander into long psychadelic breakdowns, sometimes they're loud yellfests. Either way, they're definately displaying a lot of 60s Detroit garage influence with their tunes. They were at Heirloom Arts Theatre on Saturday, a show I missed but heard was pretty decent.

I freaking love The Villains. They've got some great surf tunes that make you want to just rock out. My only complaint about these guys is that they don't play enough shows! I mean seriously, they rule.

Thrs, Aug 27
Surf Nite! at Two Boots with The Mystery Lights and The Villains
281 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport, CT
9 p.m., $5

Thanks to both Bobby D and Tweefort for throwing this show together!

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