Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WHUS Basement Tapes

There's something really nostalgic and enticing about old radio broadcasts. I'm a radio nerd myself, and for a short while had a radio show at a college station (WLVR) and the idea behind radio broadcasting and music shows has always interested me.

Ray Hardman at WNPR has been putting together an archive of basement tapes from the state of CT. These tapes are found sound from all over the state. There's a lot of really interesting tapes he's unearthed, but the one that interested me most was a tape from UConn Student Radio channel WHUS-FM. It was a broadcast from 1971, a program called the Ancient Archives Show, which happened to be playing every major Elvis recording ever in chronological order. It's wild stuff, and being the radio geek I am, I thought it was worth sharing.

Listen to the original NPR broadcast here.

So start digging in your basements, attics, garages, if you find anything worthwhile, tapes, video, 78s, etc. send it to Ray Hardman, and it might end up on the air.

Also, for you WHUS fans, I stumbled across Robert J's WHUS Memories Museum site while poking around the web - there's a lot of really amazing archives here, and if you dig deep enough, you'll find some really mindblowing broadcasts.

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Robert J said...

I guess it was my turn to stumble across your site today. Thanks for the plug for my WHUS Memories Museum WHUSounds site.

I have added more sound links to it since August, including lots of MP3 files of records I played on WHUS in the early '60s, so it's worth a revisit.