Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arab On Radar, Brava Spectre, No Babies, Orange Coax

Friday, July 30, 2010, Manic Productions presents:

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT

$10 - 9:00PM - 21+


Buy tickets now or pick them up at Redscroll Records

Pre-Chinese Stars. Arab on Radar, from Providence (but originally from Connecticut), comprises singer Eric Paul, guitarists Steve and Jeff Schneider, and drummer Craig Kurek. On the early singles, Kangaroo (Heparin, 1997) and Swimming With a Hard-on (Load, 1998), they played an artsy brand of noise-rock that borrows evenly from new wave and beach-punk. Queen Hygiene II (Heparin, 1998 - 31G, 2003), their first album, continued on that war path with terrifying blasts of chaos. The band has reformed and will play their first CT show since 2002! Three One G.

Brava Spectre:
Spazz Jazz / Art Grind / Noise-Metal Bebop quartet from New London CT.

No Babies, is without question one of the most important bands in the bay area. This six piece punk band spew songs at you with incredible energy. Fueled by female vocals, two drummers, two guitarists, and an assortment of reed instruments.

Orange Coax:
Noisy garage rock from Denton, Texas.

Arab On Radar tour:
Jul 30 - 9:00P Cafe Nine NEW HAVEN, Connecticut
Jul 31 - 9:00P The Cake Shop New York
Aug 6 - 9:00P Lambi Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Aug 7 - 9:00P The Garrison Toronto, ON, CANADA
Aug 8 - 8:00P The Bug Jar Rochester, New York
Sep 2 - 9:00P The Eagle Tavern San Francisco, California
Sep 3 - 9:00P The Sex Los Angeles, California
Sep 4 - 9:00P The Che Cafe La Jolla, California
Sep 5 - 9:00P The Smell Los Angeles, California


Brushback said...

Orange Coax is playing in Providence tonight with Nervous Systems? Why aren't you guys onto this?!?

Anonymous said...

Need to do more digging.