Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tour des Farms

Hey, biking is fun. Why not spend Sunday biking around a bunch of local farms in CT? Tour des Farms is a day-long, 25-mile bicycle ride sponsored by CT Folk. It'll be held on Sunday, August 1. You'll be going to local farms, greenhouses, orchards, and historic sites in the greater New Haven area. It's meant to be sort of a showcase of fun places, great food, and also a showcase of local musicians. At each stop along the road, riders will be entertained by a Connecticut-grown musician. The tour will end with the amazing Caravan of Thieves!

Here's a list of who's playing:
Brian Dolzani
Kate Callahan
Frank Critelli
John Cimabriello
Caravan of Thieves

For more information, click on over to the CT Folk page.

All proceeds from the Tour des Farms registration fees and the evening concert support the educational activities of CT Folk.

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