Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Popeye's Garage Lives

George Henry Durrie Judges Cave with Sudden Walks 7 inch
My dream come true

Nice to hear that Popeye's Garage is not closing. Brushback talked up the recent Judge's Cave release here. There are a few more dates listed on Popeye's MySpace too. And of course there's the Wordpress page here.

Dates to bring your grandmama to:

Saturday July 10 7PM $5 Suggested Donation

Caboladies (Chicago Noise)
Radio People (Cleveland synth noise from Sam Goldberg)
Neckhold (Australian Harsh Noisers)
Medication (CT downer punks)
Colorguard (New Haven Noise)

Sunday July 11 7PM $5 Suggested Donation

Ana Lola Roman (Brooklyn/Germany)
Polygons (Baltimore weirdness)
If Jesus Had Machine Guns (New Haven Hero’s)

Monday July 12 7PM $5 Suggested Donation

Altered States (Baltimore Wham City associated)
Female (New Haven genius)
Supernaturalle (New Haven Noise)

Wednesday July 14 7PM $5 Suggested Donation

Estrogen Highs (New Haven pukers)
Medication (CT downer punks)
Dead Wives (Danbury indie-pop)

Friday July 16 7PM $5 Suggested Donation

Fat History Month
+ more TBA

Saturday July 17 7PM $5 Suggested Donation

Pigeon Religion (Arizona weird sludge)
Hell-Kite (Arizona weirdness)
Bellalator (Bella Reese/Escalator Collab)
Reviver (CT Harsh Noiser)
Family Treasures (CT Noise)

Friday July 23 7PM $5 Suggested Donation

Body Morph (Detroit 1/2 of Uneven Universe)
Sky Limousine (Drone-y Noise - AKA Josh Burke)
Criminals (Noise)
Jon Eriksen (New Haven Noise via Sweden)

Saturday July 24 7PM $5 Suggested Donation

Sick Llama (Michigan Noiser who runs Fag Tapes)
Weirding Module (Michigan Noise, members of Awesome Color)
Dog Lady (Michigan Noise)
Colorguard (New Haven Noise)

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