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The Avengers, Lost Generation, The Pleasure Kills

On Saturday July 31, 2010

Penelope Houston with new haircut - photo by Patrick Roques

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT

$12 ($10 advance) - 9:00PM - 21+


San Francisco's notorious, Class-of-77 female-led punk rock band The Avengers, featuring the iconic Penelope Houston on vocals and Greg Ingraham on guitar, have toured the world since their 2002 reformation and are showing no signs of slowing down. The line-up – augmented by long-serving members, Joel Reader (Mr. T Experience/Pansy Division) on bass and Luis Illades (Pansy Division) on drums – remains a complete and total inspirational powerhouse on stage - just as they were three decades ago.

Now sit back and let granpappy read this here press release to ya:

From their archetypal teenage beginnings in 1977 until their ragged split in 1979, The Avengers played just over 100 shows, leaving behind only one artifact: a 3-song 7" EP, released on Dangerhouse records. They pioneered West coast Punk, headlining shows with legendary early first-wave bands, The Weirdos, X, The Germs, The Go Gos, The Dils, and the Dead Kennedys – not to mention playing direct support to the Sex Pistols at their legendary last show at the Winterland Ballroom.

That performance earned them a recording session with Pistols' guitarist Steve Jones – the results of which were released posthumously on a 4-song 12" EP on White Noise Records. In 1983, the band gathered further recordings and put out the self-titled full length LP, now informally known as the 'pink album'. All three discs quickly went out of print and The Avengers' recorded legacy remained enshrouded in mystery for almost two decades. That is, until subsequent generations of new fans increased the demanded the old recordings leading to a flood of bootlegs and finally, The Avengers Died For Your Sins, [an official collection of live and studio recordings (Lookout! Records, 1999)] and The American in Me, featuring one of their final shows, as well as some stripped-down studio versions of classics that had recently resurfaced (DBKWorks, 2004).

After The Avengers breakup in 1979, Houston moved to Los Angeles to work in film and video with infamous punks The Screamers as well as with director Rene Daalder. She then moved to England where she collaborated with singer Howard Devoto on his post-Magazine projects. Eventually, she returned to San Francisco and helped originate the West coast neo-psyche-folk movement. By 1996, she toured Europe extensively, signed with to a major label and earned numerous awards for her music. To date, she's released a dozen albums, all of which blend her influences of punk, folk, rock, blues and Americana into her darkly unique acoustic genius.

Avengers bassist, James Wilsey went on to greater recognition originating the haunting guitar sound that launched Chris Isaak's career. Drummer Danny [Furious] O'Brien worked with Joan Jett to form the earliest incarnation of the Blackhearts and played briefly with Social Distortion before moving to Sweden.

In 2004, Houston reformed the band with the original guitarist, Greg Ingraham and a dazzling new rhythm section featuring bassist Joel Reader (Mr. T Experience, Plus Ones, El Vez) and drummer Luis Illades (Pansy Division, Plus Ones). They've performed in select American markets, headlined two European tours and supporting The Damned in the UK, where they were met with adoring crowds and critical acclaim. The Avengers have sold out shows from Los Angeles to Rome, including a sweat drenched performance in the last days of the legendary CBGB's.

Now, 30 years from their inception, there is no doubt of their place in punk history.

Lost Generation are a punk band from Connecticut that was formed by singer/songwriter Joe Dias in '81. The original line-up included fellow Connecticut musicians Glenn Sanders on drums, BADBOB Therrien on guitar and Sach on bass. The bands first release, 1982’s Never Work” featured three original tunes and a 33 second version of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” simply titled “L.S.D.” Word of the band spread quickly beyond the small Connecticut scene as critics proclaimed the title track a new punk anthem. By the end of the year New York’s leading alternative paper, The Village Voice, listed “Never Work” as one of the top five singles of the year.

The Pleasure Kills are a newer female fronted 80's power pop punk band from San Francisco.

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