Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Outer Space Kick Starter campaign

The Outer Space has just launched a Kick Starter campaign. This campaign is for 60 days starting Dec 23; please consider donating as little as $1 to support the cause.

The Outer Space is located in a separate building 130 feet from The Space in the same parking lot. It is a 79 capacity cafe, listening room and lounge. They are working through mountains of complicated paperwork so that The Outer Space will be able to serve Beer and Wine to their patrons who are OVER 21.

The Outer Space is a strong addition to what The Space already offers.

Booking for The Outer Space will begin on Jan 3rd and is available for Private Parties, Rentals, Art Openings, and Film Showings. Bring your ideas to help this venue grow.

The Outer Space will have a soft opening in mid January. The Grand Opening Splash will be held the first two weeks of February. Two full weeks of fundraiser shows with the purpose of helping to cover a portion of the project budget will be held. Various local promoters will be presenting a few of these shows and everyone is excited about the collaborative effort.

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Natasha said...

It sounds great, i love the idea of the outer space!