Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jukebox The Ghost @ The Space 1/28

This Friday night, the 28th, Philly indie pop band, Jukebox The Ghost will play at The Space in Hamden. The show starts at 7pm and will be supported by CT band The Guru, NJ band Goodman Brown and NY band Great Dane.

During a conversation with Jukebox´s Ben Thornwill he told me that the five week long tour is just starting and a part of it will be on a cruise liner opening up for Barenaked Ladies. Needless to say they´re looking forward to getting away from the cold for a while and who could blame them.

The band has released two records 2008´s Let Live and Let Ghost and Everything Under the Sun that came out on Yep Roc last fall. Their first record was pretty successful by indie standards and Ben credits that to the fact that the band was relentless on the road and played over 300 concerts to promote it. Its highest chart position was #38 on Billboard´s Top Independent Albums. So it´s clear that their hard work paid off and they have been able to give up their daytime jobs.

Everything Under the Sun was recorded here in Connecticut by Peter Katis in his Bridgeport Studio. They didn´t see much of the city since they came here and stayed for about five days at a time. Most of that time was spent working on the record which took them two months in total to make. It was recorded on both tape and hard drive, drums and some guitar were analog and the rest digital.

Last September they were asked to do the David Letterman Show 12 hours in advance. Ben was in Philly when the offer came and the rest of the band in NYC. They jumped on the chance and according to Ben it was an amazing experience to do the show.

So come Friday night put on your snowboots and get yourself to The Space in Hamden and enjoy the show. Admission is $12 or better yet $10 if you buy your ticket in advance.

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