Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Record Release Show for Kimono Draggin' and Bobbie Peru

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stella Blues
204 Crown Street
New Haven, CT

8:00pm - 21+ - $5

Had a listen to the new Bobbie Peru/Kimono Draggin' split 7" while fixing my toilet. All was going well until the Sesame Street riff broke out on Kimono Draggin's side, Cold Black Sea with Sunflower Oil. It distracted me enough to make me spill nasty toilet water all over the place. Thanks assholes. The song is total ADHD kid spacing out, angrily imagining Big Bird's yellow plumage oozing unctuous sludge after swimming through a British Petroleum disaster. Super tight, super nuts, and super good.

Bobbie Peru kills it with Mongering the Masses, a stick into the eye of the pharmaceutical industry. Meaty bass drives this balls to the wall garage beast. The beginning hints at Bauhaus or Joy Division territory before Bert starts barking, but after he makes his point, the band comes together to go full on rock-out. Seeing this live must be sick.

And of course, once again, these guys produce a flyer to end all flyers. Check up in the right hand corner, behind the afro, to get a glimpse of the 7"'s cover. BUY A COPY NOW from Spaynsive.

Kimono Draggin' is an American avant-garde Indie Rock band formed in 2003 from New Haven, Connecticut. The lineup consists of Joseph Nolan (Guitar,vocals), Joshua Hatton (Bass,vocals), and Chris Swirski (Drums,vocals). Their version of progressive rock is strongly influenced by bands of the 1970s and 1980s including The Stooges, The Mothers of Invention, Talking Heads and Minutemen. As Patrick Ferrucci quotes, "It’s party rock with an edge and an intelligence. There’s wit and wildness just swimming around in Kimono’s music." Mark Suppanz of The Big Takeover describes the music as "...noisy, souped-up rock saturated with a healthy dose of reckless abandon and a raw, unpolished and in-your-face sound."

Check out the recent interview Verbicide did with Josh.

CT-native Bert Genovese started Bobbie Peru in Manchester, UK around 2006 when he moved away from here to pursue a career in music. The band ended up opening have for bands like The Fall and Black Francis. Siro Soliani and Javier Canales were welcomed into the Bobbie Peru this January. Siro Soliani is a hard hitting drummer who practices Satanic magic and has played in many psychedelic progressive punk thrash bands in the underground scene of Hollywood (CA), while working in the film business between the years 1999-2007. In his spare time, when he is not writing, or constructing his own handmade drums, he reads philosophy and psychology. Javier Canales is a bass pumping Peruvian blooded Mariachi madman who has been promoting the punk, rock, metal, hardcore scene in Connecticut since 1995. With regional recognition as a kingpin manager and versatile musician, he currently gigs with the The Bad Lieutenants, Javier & Los DishDogs, as well as Bobbie Peru.

The Clearer: In 2009, Keith Shiv and Mike Mayo met again in a mid-30s couch surfing recession slump. They have been playing music (on and off) since high school in the 80s. Back in the day, Keith and Mike toured and recorded as Shiv from 1992 to 1996. They released two CDs and several seven inches and toured the US.

As The Clearer, Keith and Mike wrote amazing new songs, recruited Greg Sirianni to play guitar and Ryan Welcome on bass. The seven inch has four tunes recorded and engineered by Mike Mayo and mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. With head nodding beats and guitar amps cranked up to 10, The Clearer tightrope between obnoxiously loud and songwriting intelegencia.

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