Monday, October 24, 2011

The Loom to play Freight Street Gallery on HALLOWEEN

Come to Freight Street Gallery on Monday (HALLOWEEN) for a fun night of folk music, courtesy of The Loom, The Grim Generation, and Lys Guillorn!
According to the Freight Street Gallery folks:
"Two great reasons to go out on a Monday night.
1. It's Halloween, so dress up silly, cause your next chance is a whole year away.
2. A great band from Brooklyn is stoping by our fair city to play some amazing tunes.


The Loom

"Teeth: the part of you that outlast you longest once you’re gone. That hold a record of what you’ve done with your time, tribute or rebuke. In comparison to their longevity, time for the rest of you is short. So, then – what to do with that time?

For the members of Brooklyn five-piece The Loom, the answer to this question – the reason that they choose to play music together in the first place – is the simple search for joy. It’s a concern that both far outdates, and is reflected in, the searching folk, intricate percussion, and psych-influenced dissonance and atmospherics that they love and wind into their music. But Teeth, their debut, is not all joyful. Like the music that inspires them, it focuses more closely on the myriad hurdles that ensnare us along the way."

The Grim Generation

" Lyrics are worth paying attention to, as in the closer “End of the World” when Champagne sings, “Remember the day your brother was killed, we were up in your bedroom with a shoebox full, your mom sat downstairs reading magazines and her TV Guide.” That got my attention instantly."
– New Haven Advocate

and the little cowgirl herself, Lys Guillorn

"I was quickly drawn into the world of this talented singer-songwriter-musician, all three of which she excels at. Rather than try to define her, or stamp a genre on her, I will instead say…find her!" – The Village Voice

$7 Suggested Donation
All Ages/BYOB for 21+"

True Believers All by TheLoom

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