Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 22nd - The Second Annual Gravity Collective Halloween Party at the Branford Legion

Heavy Breath (CT Easy Listening, Get Young Records)

Living Laser (Poughkeepsie, NY, ex-Robots and Empire. awesome)

Cold Snap (CT Damaging Lyrical Launchers, Get Young Records) (split 7" release show!)

Brass Caskets (CT, members of Cold Snap, Phantoms) (split 7" release show!) -> Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

Misfits Cover Set
(featuring members of Stomped on Sight + Submission)

Night Owls (CT, ex-Don't Say I Won't)
debut EP coming soon!

Last year I booked a very successful Halloween show at the Branford VFW (so successful that the venue was shut down shortly after) and am looking forward to hopefully spreading the same kind of Halloween cheer this year. There's a lot to like about this gig; it's Living Laser's first show in Connecticut, there's an exclusive Misfits set from various members of Stomped on Sight and Submission, and we're celebrating the release of the great Brass Caskets/Cold Snap 7" on Redscroll Records ( And to round out the lineup we have Heavy Breath (who recently released their debut 12" on Get Young Records) and Night Owls (who should have a new EP ready in the next couple of weeks).

Facebook Event Page

Doors @ 6:30, show @ 7
$8 at the door, $6 in costume

This hall has been home to numerous shows over the past four months and attendance has been great. The only thing we ask is that people don't drink in the hall or parking lot, this is by request of the veterans who run the Legion. There is a bar inside the building that sells cheap beer and has darts and billiards if those happen to be your thing. Let's not lose another hall to mindless drinking.

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