Thursday, October 27, 2011

Twin Lakes Records Presents: Michael Beach, Jay Russel, and Dwight Smith

Nov. 1st @ Cafe Nine
9 PM

Michael Beach is a San Francisco-based musician who writes, records, and performs under his own name, and as a member of Melbourne-based trio Electric Jellyfish. Since 2008, he has put out records on the Thurston Moore/Byron Coley colab label, Ecstatic Yod, and others such as Twin Lakes and Spectacular Commodity.

‘Mountains + Valleys,’ Beach’s latest solo release, comes on the eve of a second US tour for 2011, a year that also saw him tour Europe and Australia in support of his previous single, ‘A Horse.’ This time around, Beach assembled an all-star cast of West Coast musicians, including drummer Utrillo Kushner (Comets On Fire) and Raymond Raposa (Castanets) on guitar and vocals. Recorded by Trans Am’s Phil Manley, Mountains + Valleys will be released as a limited edition cassette to accompany Beach’s Autumn US Tour. Officially out on November 8th, you can grab one early at this show.
Michael Beach - Straight Spines by CTINDIE

Dwight Smith writes introspective songs that call to mind a stripped-down Sufjan Stevens and Jeff Magnum. His debut single "Plumed Serpent" will be out on Twin Lakes in November (TBD).

Jay Russell of Diamond J and the Rough and Hot Rod Circuit is a local treasure in the New Haven music scene. He says he just likes to play music. Pretty understated, given the depth of his music.

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