Tuesday, October 18, 2011

White Fence (ex-Darker My Love) and Suicide Dolls @ BAR

Wednesday night 9PM @ BAR

Manic Production presents: White Fence and Suicide Dolls

White Fence 
"Tim Presley is a member of the bands Darker My Love and the Strange Boys, which do variations of dirtied-up psychedelic pop. White Fence is his third band and much more idiosyncratic. It’s just Mr. Presley making songs as complicated as he wants, with his multitracked asthmatic voice and his gift for weird, wayward song hooks. On “White Fence,” just released on CD by Woodsist, drum rhythms stumble and recohere; chord changes are half-forgotten or blown altogether. Audio quality changes from track to track or even in the middle of a song, and so does the music’s speed. The album sounds as if it were mastered on a cassette machine with failing batteries. This whole enterprise is way, way moth eaten: the Syd Barrett/1960s Los Angeles garage-punk influences, the dirty-on-purpose sound quality, the overmodulated guitar leads.

By a certain logic it should be a stone loser. But so much in music comes down to conviction. There’s something ritual about these songs, as if Mr. Presley had been carrying them in his head, with all their details, for a long time. Listen even once, and they’re hard to shake. All of Mr. Presley’s strange touches start to seem significant and obsessively desired: a short background sigh, a few seconds of harmonica or xylophone, a new strain plopped into the middle of a song that leads nowhere, a guitar solo that’s longer than it needs to be. It’s mannered and indirect music, but he’s a poet of that." - BEN RATLIFF (NY Times)
Woodsist Records

Suicide Dolls
From the ashes of a mid-90's all-noise band, Brian Albano and Michelle Montavon took their new form as the Suicide Dolls in early 2002.  Blending the far out, experimental noise jams of their earlier incarnation with familiar and catchy rock/punk structures, the Suicide Dolls recorded their 1st demo in 2003 and have been growing ever since. Matt Covey began drumming with the 'Dolls in 2006, and again in 2009 after a brief departure. The current lineup is at it's strongest to date, and are releasing their full length album "Prayers In Parking Lots' in September of 2011.

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