Monday, April 9, 2012

CT's Fauxchella Music Fest - Sat 4/21 @4PM

Huge show coming up at Bridgeport's Gallery 305K. CT's Fauxchella Fest! Tons of musicians and artists will be there and you should too! This is a fundraiser for Gallery 305K, so go help them keep their amazing place alive and thriving! Tons of local favorites will be playing there including:

Fang Island is a self-proclaimed “Healing & Easy Listening / Visual” band from “Philayorkadence” formed in 2005. Made up of a guitarist from the band Daughters, Nicholas Andrew Sadler, and four others from the afore-mentioned town: Jason Bartell (guitar), Chris Georges (guitar), Marc St Sauvuer (drums), and Michael Jacober (bass), Fang Island makes music that they describe as “everyone high-fiving everyone.” They make music for people who like music.

In a music industry engulfed in replication and mediocrity, Scale The Summit has cemented their position as young mavericks ( the quartet boasts an average age of 22) with their blend of organic and melodic instrumental music. Scale the Sufmmit is preparing for their most active year yet. Entering into the next stage of their careers, the band is hoping to tour throughout the entire year to promote their newest release. Scale the Summit’s determination to grow can only be rivaled by the love they have for creating music that they are proud of, regardless of fickle trends or genre classifications. “As far as fitting in with modern music,” Letchford says, “I don’t think that we fit in with anybody – at all.”


Drawing influence from an array of bands ranging from At the Drive-In, to Cursive, to the Hold Steady, Aficionado has a developed a unique style they are happy to call their own. With roots in punk music, the band mixes organ, flute, and occasional horn arrangements into it's unorthodox blend of post-punk.


"One of the most enthralling, captivating releases of 2010, HYSMPC? is one of those albums that you can listen to dozens of times without ever settling on a favorite song, because they're all your favorite. It's one of those albums where you want to show it to the whole world, but you'll only show it to a select few friends because it's that good. You won't just recommend this to any old acquaintance. This album is basically equivalent to how I want my marriage to be. After my honeymoon phase with Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex?, I continue to love it dearly and take it to bed with me every night." - Thomas Nassiff -

Wess Meets West
The Morning On Fire
VooDoo Fix
Babytown Frolics
The Files and Fires
Vitamin Sun
White Women
Ports of Spain

All Ages with food and alcohol available for 21+


Doors @ 4pm!

Check out Fauxchella's partners to see whose working to bring you this great event! Don't forget to check out Connecticut Rocks! on WPKN to listen to the music, promotions, and ticket giveaways!
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