Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Inclined Plane - The Backwards Frontier

One of the great subliminal arts is the long play album. The compounding variables can turn into an obsession for any well meaning artist. There are many different types of "sucessful" outcomes as well. The Inclined Plane have crafted an album that while comprised of many songs, feels like one large cohesive statement and experience. On The Backwards Frontier they craft a dreamy collection, similar in tone and style, while maintaining their original identities.

This album is really a full length experience, with each new smooth melody unlocking another point down the corridor of its story. Album opener "Go Peach" is the perfect pop intro to this lo-fi masterpiece. The dreamy "Please, Come Home" is a great track 3, with swelling reverb filling the space in between the drums. "California Amps" is a clear single. This song, like so many on this album, could be from any point in the past 50 years in American music. A great radio song (if radio weren't a nearly obsolete place to find new music). My very favorite song from this album (in my head for days now) is "New Wave Prison Break". This track is a fuzzy dream of garage pop. This whole record just flows so well and the track sequence is ideal. There are even four awesome music videos for these songs that you can find here: Get on this release as soon as you can. Visit these links to stream and get a copy of this at ONCE!

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