Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Evil Abba? Ghost Haunt The Oakdale On April 10 with Mastodon and Opeth

A few years ago, a mysterious and shadowy entity emerged from the Pits Of Hell, by way of Sweden, and enraptured the ears of metal heads worldwide with their sweet, yet evil songs. This entity, known as the band Ghost, has since, their first public appearance, as well and release of their debut album "Opus Eponymous", grown in popularity garnering, not only the layman, but quite a few celebrity musician fans. While nobody really knows who is in the band (though there has been speculation elsewhere), because they appear at their public rituals cloaked in hoods, and lead by a mysterious lead singer, simply known as Papa Emeritus, who dresses like an undead Satanic pope.
Recently the band, completed a successful United States tour this past January with likeminded kin in Blood Ceremony and Ancient VVisdom. They are returning to the States, as the opening band for a co-headlining tour between metal heavyweights Opeth and Mastodon, which comes to the Oakdale in Wallingford on April 10.
Be prepared, because they are looking forward to spread more darkness over this nation of ours.
"When we did that first tour is more like let's swim out and see if we float. It went very well. This one is more of a support tour for us with two bands on the surface sound very different. But we all really connect through the prog influences in our music. It's a good package and a great way for us to reap new souls," said the band's spokesperson, The Ghoul With No Name.
Like many other people out there, some of you might agree that this is an odd pairing of bands, but you see, this is one step in part of a grander plan for the band, for they want to make their live shows a holy experience transforming the performance into something far greater and less rooted in the physical world.
"In the future, we will definitely be emphasizing theatrical and conceptual aspects of the band in regard to the live performances. The goal is to deliver something along the lines of a solemn and sacred religious experience for all those in attendance regardless of their religious beliefs. We want to give you the feeling that you are in church. You know the feeling you get when you are in an old church and it feels like you are in the presence of something unearthly. If you think about it, those churches were built to be these big, scary places. That is the recipe, to create a church-like environment," said The Ghoul.
But if they are to achieve this goal they will need more, shall we, "sacred" music. You see, so far, they only have one album to their credit, the well received, aforementioned "Opus Eponymous" which has earned praise from almost everyone who has heard it. But that album is about two years old and it's high time the band released some more religious music.
Well, according to The Ghoul, we should be hearing some new music from the band by the autumn of this year, if everything falls into place correctly. Though, they haven't recorded the new album, due to touring commitments and the like, they definitely know how the record is going to sound and can't wait to unleash it on the world.
"It's going to be bold and comforting. Heavy, yet really soft. Evil, but gentle. It will be black and white and in this grey twilight area. It will be like you are sitting on the devil's lap feeling paternal and cozy," said The Ghoul.
But along with this sudden rise in popularity, there have been some nagging problems for the band. The biggest one has to do with the identity of the people in the band. There has been speculation as to who is actually in the band since their inception and first public appearances.
(But you won't get any of that here, because this writer doesn't really care. I like the mystery involved in the band. They are what they say they are, right. I don't need to know how the magic trick is done to enjoy it and neither should you.)
But all this speculation must be a thorn in the side of the band, who are doing their best to keep to the shadows in a society that constantly wants to destroy all the shadows and all sense of mystery. Actually, it is, but not in the way you would expect it to be.
"If one person wants to take a sneak peak in our dressing room then we don't mind. Of course, if it's some asshole blogger who wants to ruin what we are doing then that is different. It's not really a problem unless there is a problem with the person meeting us and their expectations of what we are like. With most bands, not just us, the person you see on the stage is rarely the person you meet afterwards. Sometimes they don't turn out to be the person you looked up to. That's why most times it's just better to maintain the experience," said The Ghoul.
Maybe that's why you should go into the show this coming Tuesday with an open mind and no expectations about who is in the band. Just sit back and enjoy the shear Satanic spectacle of the band with oh-so-catchy hymns to the dark side. I'm sure that you will be better off for it.
(Well, I lied. I do think there is one man involved in this project and that man is Bjorn "Benny" Andersen. Think about it. Both Abba and Ghost are Swedish and have a knack for slick pop hooks. And both are known as being evil for various reasons. I could be wrong, but then again, this speculation isn't any worse than any of the other stuff that is already out there, "right".)

Toyota Presents The Oakdale Theatre In Association With Comcast


Tuesday, April 10
Oakdale Theatre
95 South Turnpike Road
Wallingford, CT 06492

7:30 pm - $29.50 - All Ages

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Jessie said...

Just listened to Ghost for the first time last night -- awesome, like Blue Oyster Cult from hell!