Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jose Oyola - Give, Give, Give, Take, Take, Take LP

Jose Oyola exceeds expectations with debut LP "Give, Give, Give, Take, Take, Take"

"Giving" opens the LP like a dewy morning. A reverb saturated guitar lazily leads around a single note for just over a minute, just long enough to invigorate you for the beginning of the album's journey. "I'm The Cloud" is classic sounding, and endearing. There's a folksy vibe but with more emotion, a steady stomping verse matched with a swelling chorus.

"Slave Ant" is a little darker sounding, less charming but more emotive. The guitar tone in this track is superb. A fantastic performance captured and recorded perfectly. "Clouds Are Coming Out" is a faster paced folk song, still a bit more on the moody side. The upright bass really stands out on this song, complex and captivating!
"Outside" is a chill wintery song. Despite having a bunch of instruments all playing, it sounds so bare and sparse. It's like a cold dark winter night. The vocal arrangement is very impressive, like classy christmas music. Next is Jose's big single from late last year, "Struve (Born in the City)". This is the obvious single from this LP. The sound is unmistakably Jose, and it is impossible to get out of your head. This is a classic hook, and it hooked so many people already.

"Lately"'s somber beginning is undone every so often by a very clever guitar and upright bass double solo. Jose has a VERY powerful voice, a very full vocal range and very convincing ability to perform emotively.
"Lagarto" is a tiny and silly song, like a folk punk song. I imagine this song comes out even better when accompanied by his band The Astronauts. "Peligrosa" is a  beautiful Spanish song, filled with somber minor chords and shakers. Killer electric guitar lead at the end of this song. The album closes out with "Space Cadet Ryan" which is really drenched in some big time reverb. Another cool guitar instrumental, an opposing bookend and a suitable conclusion all in one. Thanks Jose!
This seems to me like whatever physical copies of this album that will be available will sell out in record time so get to a Jose Oyola and The Astronauts show ASAP.

There is a release show on 2/2 at The Space in Hamden, and from what I understand tickets are scarce. Best check in with the folks at The Space to see if you're lucky enough to go! Or check Jose's Big Cartel Page for tickets

Facebook Event Page

Saturday February 2nd 2013 @ 7pm
Jose Oyola's "Give, Give, Give, Take, Take, Take" LP release show
@ The Space 295 Treadwell St, Hamden CT

Jose Oyola and The Astronauts

The Guru

M.T. Bearington

Chalk Talk

Fake Babies

and afterwards, across the street at The Outer Space:

Head with Wings

Elison Jackson

Ports of Spain

Big night full of big big CT acts. Get ready CT!

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