Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Lost Riots "Downtown" 7 INCH

The Lost Riots got some mean wax on their hands with new 7" "Downtown".

The Lost Riots have had a busy 2012. They put out 3 EP's and have plenty of shows under their belt, as well as a controversial one! Finally they have committed one of their EP's to vinyl and now there is a physical release for "Downtown"

These guys are known for their "'77 Sound" and they do not disappoint. Title track "Downtown" is raucous and fun. High energy punk from clear experts. The song is lean, and to the point and full of fist pumping action. "Save Rock N Roll" is another awesome high energy slammer. The Lost Riots are clear graduates from the Punk Rock Academy.
Side B starts off with "Down in the Elm", the shortest song on the EP and also the most chaotic. The dissonant chorus is a nice unexpected change up to the straight forward verse. "I was the first, never the last" is the good-night punch in the face you'd expect from a bunch of punks like The Lost Riots. Defiant and silly and Anti-Brooklyn, this is my favorite song on the 7 inch. This is essential punk wax. Get to their release show on Friday at Anna Liffeys and pick yourself up a copy!

Friday 2/1 @ Anna Liffeys
17 Whitney Ave, New Haven

DIE HIPSTER presents: The Lost Riots "Downtown" 7inch Record Release Party

w/ Defcon 5

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