Tuesday, January 29, 2013


On stage, singer Sara Florek has that same charismatic charm and “I don’t give a shit” swagger as Liam Gallagher. She stares into the abyss with a larger than life attitude through a Brazen Hussy set full of pop, garage, and punk songs that will leave you sweaty, unworthy, and begging for more. 

After seeing Brazen Hussy live I can guarantee for the next week you will be itching to find your Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, or Sleater-Kinney CDs in hopes that you will achieve that feeling again. You won’t. Now, after years on the shelf, Brazen Hussy, along with The Telegraph Recording Company, have released, “A collection of Brazen Hussy's CosmoSingles.”  The disc opens up with a late 60’s garage pop rock sounding song called “Dry Socket,” which features very nice harmonies from guitarist Liz Larson throughout the song. It’s got a hook in the chorus that keeps you humming it all day.

 “Moon Blonde” starts out like a pre-grunge song. I can see a band like Mudhoney or Husker Du playing this song. It has a good groove and the placement of “Moon Blonde” is perfect on this CD because it sets you up for “Rock & Roll Girl,” a song that would make any riot girl happy. Drummer Matt Potter kicks the song in with a quick little drum roll before the band blasts in with lyrics like “I’m gonna kick your ass” and “Don’t fuck with me.”  After “Diner Song #9,” a song with a dark Velvet Underground  sound mixed with an early Sonic Youth feel, the band brings that solid pop sound back with “ChewingGum.” This song covers all the bases from the Costello pop sound to full band harmonies, all the way to the bass and drums break down-a perfect song about young love all wrapped up into 2 minutes and 16 seconds. Keeping in that realm of Elvis Costello’s “My Aim Is True” era is “No More” which could be the best song Costello never wrote, or maybe he did but Brazen Hussy beat him up and took it fair and square.  “A collectionof Brazen Hussy's CosmoSingles” ends with “Broke into Your Facebook” which has an early Strokes feel, with a tight rhythm section and super catchy guitar riffs.  It will keep you mesmerized for its entirety. An added bonus is that this song is a live track so you can understand what makes a Brazen Hussy show so much fun.  You can picture yourself in a dark, sweaty club with a PBR in hand as your jaw drops to the floor with your eyes fixated on Sara Florek, not knowing what will happen next as she teeters on the edge of the stage keeping you in a trance while the band abuses you for 30 minutes. You will leave a changed person. You will never forget the first time you saw and heard Brazen Hussy. This CD is a great collection of Brazen Hussy’s past material.

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