Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Joiner Inners with Ben Erickson and the Gentle Stunts @ the Outerspace 1/11

Join The Joiner Inners as they rock out at The Outer Space tomorrow with a special acoustic performance by The Gentle Stunts and Ben Erickson.

The Joiner Inners
The Mighty JI, a combination of freindship, musical dexterity and volume, celebrate their best traits on The Time is Now, a glorious journey through the band's best moments, extolling the virtues of
the music that influenced them the most (Guided by Voices, the Who, the Replacements, and Superchunk). Boiled and basted in an over-heated basement for over a decade, the band's tightness and commeraderie is apparent in would-be singles Hidden Sector, Song of Many Lyrics and Air Guitar and Dashboard Lights, all of which evoke the best of musicians and friends, plodding angrily
towards middle age and restrcited circumstances. The Time is Now is, interestingly enough, timeless and anyone who wants to enjoy well-crafted music burnt at the ends with musical abandon simply needs to listen... now.

The Gentle Stunts
The Gentle Stunts is a solo act with guest appearances from friends on various tracks. Over the past 2 years, I have begun to develop an insatiable love for writing and recording songs. I am 20 years old and am about to release my 2nd LP. I have dozens of other songs that surround my two albums, which have either not fit the mood or were a result of the growing pains that come with recording.

Ben Erickson

Friday January 11 2013 @ 9pm
The Outer Space
295 Treadwell Ave
Hamden CT

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