Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Analog Sunset - Yesterday

Analog Sunset are a band from Hartford that released their debut EP "Yesterday" in April. It's an incredibly poppy guitar driven EP that showed up just in time for Summer.

"Midnight Snack" takes off with a bang, extremely poppy and bright. The tones in this recording are pretty rich. Mean guitar and delay/distortion vocals blend extremely well. Short instrumental "Today" acts like a nice segue into the title track.

"Yesterday" is a warm environment, with thick bass and ornamental guitars. There are some definite Werewolf Police vibes here, which is awesome. Closer "Don't Hate Me" keeps the energy while the vocals continue crooning with a near Elison Jackson sweetness.

All in all a strong 4 song debut from Analog Sunset. Keep your eyes peeled for more from these guys!


Patrick said...

Catchy, warm and exciting. I want more.

Analog Sunset said...

Expect a full length album by the end of the year (2014)... We have plenty of songs that we'll be playing at our live shows that have yet to be heard by anyone but will appear on that full length.

June 28th, Providence RI @ The Parlour

July 6th, NYC @ Piano's

And if you like what you hear give us a like on the old facebook: facebook.com/analogsunsetmusic

Thanks for the support and write up!