Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sea of Bones - The Earth Wants Us Dead

New Haven atmospheric sludge trio Sea of Bones has written a doom metal masterpiece - The Earth Wants Us Dead - that will send you plodding through a geas of shadow, wondering where your soul went.

This October 31, 2013 self-release from the Connecticut band is a colossal step forward in their development, drawing from roots of meandering dissonance in their earlier works to beget a rhythmically-sensible yet organically-rich monolith of gritted, soiled, pulsating sound.

Should music truly be the silence between notes, this record is evidence that the interruption of that silence provides little mercy for the listener. Poignant breaks in bleak, ominous sequences of chords and beats are given form and character by wailing screams of inescapable conclusions, while riffs of slightly melodic intonation prove to be fools' errands to any who clutch desperately to a glimmer of hope. Tom, Gary, and Kevin have unquestionably tapped into a mother lode of core emotion and have the skill to inundate us with the entirety of their pernicious find.

A mere swath of adjectives is not likely to do the album justice, but a listen will doubtless convince those teetering on the razor's edge of Sea of Bones' prowess at sonic architectonics. Any disappointment you have from listening will be at the loss of your capacity for positive thinking.

Sea of Bones will be playing at Three Sheets New Haven on August 9th for their 2014 North American Tour.

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