Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fatal Film - "Fatal Film"

Fatal Film is the best band in the state. Maybe even in New England. They are local indie rock icons. With a new record in hand Matt Potter and the rest of his cast of characters are here to show you why.

This record is a more mature Fatal Film than the past releases but they still keep that young angst energy that made the band so big. However don’t let the maturity fool you starting off with “Curl Up and Die” in which Matt proclaims “I’m never gonna be the same”. That proclamation sends you into a spiral of jangly guitars, and a tight rhythm section that Robert Pollard would be pleased with.

“Pick Up The Phone” originally appeared on the “Sisterwife EP” in 2008 and is revisited on this record. A song about the want and the need to talk to someone when one is in need for something. The sound is loud, it has a great beat, its raucous enough that indie rock kids will drool, britrock people will bow down to it and even some American punks will acknowledge its greatness.

Overall this record is as close to perfection as one can possibly get. Its moods change and those moods will drag you over the river and through the woods. You will wake up from a night of partying with these songs in your head, a heavy hangover, and ready to party more. Fatal Film have released one of the most highly anticipated records of the year.

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