Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apse, Matt Wilga (of Stoned Ambassadors), Roman Wolfe @ Popeye's Garage, Oct. 2nd

This Saturday, October 2nd Popeye's Garage will be hosting Northampton's Apse as well as openers Matt Wilga (of Brooklyn's Stoned Ambassadors) and Roman Wolfe (New Haven) for the first of its final three shows.

Formed in Newtown, Connecticut over a decade ago, Apse has significantly expanded its reach, both sonically and musically since its early days on the local scene. At varying points referencing elements of post-punk, post-rock, krautrock, shoegaze, ambient, industrial, goth and metal, Apse's unique creative vision (led by the band's only constant member Rob Toher) can be technically hard to define. Percussion heavy rhythms, Toher's trademark vocal delivery, and liberal doses of reverb and delay are familiar elements; however, songs push and pull, morph into each other and generally don't stick to one thing for too long. The band's songs seem to be more about an exploration of ideas than two and a half minute pop perfection, though the hooks are there, scattered throughout. Despite limited stateside appeal, Apse has enjoyed significant success abroad, especially in Europe where the band has repeatedly toured to great response. They are also currently signed to ATP Recordings and have made repeat appearances at their label's namesake festival. The current incarnation of the band has been pared down to a relatively meager four-piece (including bassist John Mordecai who also performs in locals Shark and the Tyler Trudeau Attempt) although they surely can still carry a wallop live. This particular performance marks Apse's first Connecticut show in over a year and, based on our calculations, its first show in New Haven proper ever. Openers Matt Wilga (of Brooklyn's the Stoned Ambassadors) and Roman Wolfe (New Haven) bring a complementary mix of pop sensiblity (Wilga) and synth exploration (Roman Wolfe) that should go well with Apse's subtley melodic sonic stew while still retaining their own musical identity.

Shows like this don't come along very often folks (and pretty soon Popeye's Garage won't be either) so get yourselves downtown this Saturday!

MATT WILGA (of The Stoned Ambassadors)

@ Popeye's Garage
50 Goffe Street / New Haven
All Ages / $5 / 6pm


Brushback said...

Matt Wilga put out a really good solo single a little while ago. I might check this show out just for that (and also because it's Popeyes of course).

Brian L. said...

Apse did play in New Haven at least once, but it's been an age. I remember seeing them at BAR... I wanna say in 2005. Seem to recall it was winter. They were in two-drummers mode in those days. Wowza. I just saw them in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and they were wicked tight.

Anonymous said...

there were a few new haven shows wayyy back in the day. '06 at the latest. legendary.