Friday, September 17, 2010

Bettie Serveert (rescheduled), two Atrina shows, and Mates, Oh Land, Bearington

There are three shows coming up that are linked in a few ways. Friday, September 24, is Atrina, Farewood and AM Aesthetic at Chas' Place, in Meriden, CT. Then, Sunday, September 26, at Daniel Street it's Bettie Seervert with Fatal Film and Atrina. Finally, Mates of State, Oh Boy, and M.T. Bearington are playing The Webster on Wednesday, September 29.

Both Atrina and Farewood go back to the beginnings of CT Indie. Farewood was one of the very first bands that I came across when CT Indie was just a MySpace page back in early 2007. They were friendly and supportive as hell. And of course, the interview with Kelly L'Heureux of Atrina was the first for the blog after it got rolling a year later. Shaki Presents hosted Bearington with Begushkin at BAR around the time of that interview. Never in a million years, let alone two, would I have imagined M.T. Bearington would play The Webster, though. I am not sure what happened over at The Webster, but I am pretty sure it involved someone's ass and their head being forcefully removed from it. It's about time. With Kelly playing bass for Bearington, and John Panos, the nob and key tweaker, and backing vocal shrieker for M.T. Bearington, who also had a recent jaunt with Mates of State, some might say Connecticut is incestuous. I call it collaborative.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Chas' Place
157 Broad Street
Meriden, CT

9:00pm - 21+ - NO COVER

Since the inception of AM Aesthetic in 2008 as a songwriting experiment with Rob Suchecki on vocals and guitar, and Pat Raimondi on bass, things have progressed quite quickly into: "AM Aesthetic: The Hardest Working Band You've Never Heard Of". With the addition of RJ Dowhan on drums in 2009, the band quickly hit the road and began to play a truly outrageous amount of shows, having played in every corner of Connecticut at least twice, as well as New York and the tri-state area. College radio was quick to pick up tracks off the band's first EP, "(AM)Bivalence" and throw them into rotation as well. Aside from driving to and playing an endless slew of shows, AM Aesthetic handles their own recording, mixing, mastering, photography, web design, management, booking, videography, etc. Basically, If you're not watching them play live and in person, rest assured they are locked in a dimly lit room somewhere, working tirelessly on a song you've yet to hear. In 2010, AM Aesthetic plan to have "(AM)bivalence" available through all major digital retailers, and hope to release an as-yet-untitled full length record shortly after. 2010 is going to be a big year for AM Aesthetic, and it's just the right time to jump on the train and hold on for dear life.

Farewood arose from the decay of the once vibrant industrial town of Meriden. Located in Central Connecticut, Meriden is known as the "Silver City" and is the halfway point between New York and Boston. The members of Farewood grew up listening to mid to late 80's indie rock and post punk. Bands such as Sonic Youth, Afghan Whigs, Big Black, Samhain, Dinosaur Jr, Fugazi, The Cure, The Sundays, and Cocteau Twins were all major influences on the development of Farewood's sound. The members of Farewood would spend their teenage years going to as many shows as possible, mesmerized by the emotional impact that indie rock had, the band decided to lend their own voice to the continuing evolution of original rock.

Continue for the Atrina bio.

The Bettie Serveert show has been CANCELED
Sunday, September 26 2010 Manic Productions presents

Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford, CT

8:00pm - 21+ $12

Buy tickets now or pick them up at Redscroll Records or DETRITUS

This show will have live visuals to sweeten your eyes!

Bettie Serveert is an indie-rock band from The Netherlands. Their name, which translates to “Bettie serves,” is taken from a series of tennis instructional books by Dutch tennis player Betty Stove, who lost the Wimbledon Ladies singles final in 1977. Comprising vocalist Carol Van Dijk (vocals), Peter Visser (guitar), Herman Bunskoeke (bass) and Berend Dubbe (drums) they originally formed in 1986 as a side-project of De Artsen. After De Artsen split up in 1990, Bettie Serveert became a full-time project. Bettie Serveert released their debut album “Palomine” in 1992, which, fifteen years after its release, is still a modern indie rock classic, wonderfully blending together influences of Velvet Underground and Neil Young with melancholic lyrics, catchy tunes and a lo-fi-feel. Second Motion Records

Fatal Film
Fatal Film is a four piece indie rock/post-punk band from New London, CT. Put the power of Hüsker Dü behind the gritty pop of Guided by Voices and you'll end up with something close to their sound.

Atrina makes music that is equal parts minimalist melodicism, counterpunctal cacophony, and decibel-pushing dissonance. Angular, but accessible. Complex, yet catchy. Eclectic, and electrifying, Atrina sounds like they mean it—with an " earnestness matched by technical expertise and solid songwriting, deep, heavy riffing, a brooding and moody sensibility. Singer Kelly L’Heureux sounds impassioned and entirely straightforward, her voice creating a compelling push-and-pull between vocals and band." Effortlessly blending sharp melodies, dynamic guitar rhythms and honest intensity, Atrina's sound harkens back to some of indie rock's greatest—Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, The Breeders, Blonde Redhead, Slint, Radiohead, Helium—while looking forward to create a sound that’s all their own, as evidenced on their 2 self-released EPs, including 2008's {beautiful evidence}.

Wednesday, September 29 2010, Manic Productions presents, in association with Mass Concerts

The Webster (underground)
31 Webster Street
Hartford, CT

7:00pm - All Ages - $15 ($14 advance)

Buy tickets now or pick them up at Redscroll Records or DETRITUS

Mates of State are an indie rock duo, active since 1997. The group is composed of the husband-and-wife team Kori Gardner (vocals, Yamaha Electone and Hammond B-3 electric organs, microKORG and Casio synthesizers, Yamaha and Rhodes electric pianos, piano, and occasional guitar) and Jason Hammel (vocals, drum set, glockenspiel, other percussion, and occasional Casio synthesizer). Barsuk Records

Oh Land is a peculiar new cinematic electropop Dane who recently sailed across the sea to the artistic haven of Brooklyn, NY. With an opera singer for a mother, a theater organist for a father and Björk’s Homogenic on constant rotation, Oh Land was enraptured by the combination of experimental and classical arts. “My goal is to sound like I’m from 2050, but still feel really classic, like the music is an old friend,” said Oh Land. She spent her days pirouetting as a ballet dancer at the Danish Royal Ballet Academy when an injury forced her to reinvent herself and discover her true talent and passion as a musician.

M.T. Bearington is wild and intense psych-pop. Matt Thomas fronts this CT Indie darling. The LP The Cloak of Nouns and Loss was reviewed here


Brushback said...

Holy cow, Farewood are playing in Meriden tonight? I haven't seen them since the '90s, I might have to check this out... I've still got one of their CDs from a few years back, and it's awesome...

Yeah, MT Bearington probably got on the Webster bill because Mates of State put them there. I'll bet that the Webster had nothing to do with it.

Brushback said...

Oh, wait, it's next Friday. Screw that, I'll go to Whitney House to see Oiltanker instead.

CT Indie said...

Don't start fucking up dates and shit like me, dude. ha.

Yeah, you're probably right about the Webster... I'm a little hopeful though.

Brushback said...

Yeah, every time I mess up a date, I think of you guys now!

Seriously, though, Mates of State and M.T. Bearington at the Webster is a slight detour from their usual booking pattern, I'll grant you that.

Anonymous said...

hear Atrina, Farewood, MT Bearington and Mates of State this week on Homegrown. FREE mates of State ticas this week!!!!
88.1FM for the live webcast