Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Heirlooms at Billings Forge

Tomorrow, something fantastic is going to happen in Hartford. Billings Forge, a non-profit organization and performance space in Frog Hollow is now going to be opening up its stage to some of Hartford's most talented musicians and performers.

Thursday, September 2nd will mark the first "Billings Forge Indie Music Night" which will feature local indie-folk band Heirlooms. Indie Music Night will be showcasing live musical performances in an intimate setting on the first Thursday of each month. Indie music night is a free event and will run from 8:30pm to 11:00pm.

Here's the lineup:

8:30-8:50 - Jesse Newman
9:00-9:25 - Kyla P.
9:30- 9:50 - "J"on Squared
9:55- 10:15 - Josh A.
10:20-10:45 - Heirlooms

For those of you who aren't aware, Heirlooms are Hartford's newest band. I was handed their new EP the other day (download and purchase it here) and was blown away. They're headed by Jesse Stanford, who many of our dedicated readers should recognize as a local folk music crooner with similar vocal timbre to Ray Lamontagne. If you're interested, he did a live set at my house show last year, you can read more and download the whole thing for free here. Anyway, Heirlooms is sort of a departure from the singer-songwriter vibe, and adding a full band has allowed him to split the songs wide open and give them the breathing room they deserve. There's so many beautifully orchestrated interludes, background electronics, and all the reverb-laden sparseness that I absolutely love. Take notice, this band is going to go places.

I haven't heard many of the other players, with the exception of Josh A. He's a member of Hi-Planes Drifter, and this is his solo work. The tunes are sparse, dense, and dreamy - which is a pretty big departure from his work with HPD. He has a great couple of songs out which are a teaser from his upcoming EP "The Foe", which you can preview thanks to bandcamp below:

<a href="">The Foe by Josh A.</a>

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