Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Motion Atlas Command You To Dance (via recordings and live!)

Somers, CT brings us a new band filled with enough dance rhythms and party hooks to stun a team of oxen in its place! MOTION ATLAS
Motion Atlas bring the fury with their high energy release Dance Command. It is very clearly that: a dance command! The quick description is this: a drummer and a synth player yell and sing their way through a battalion of dance pop madness.

Dance Command begins with "Mother Grey Goose" which is a perfect little opening introduction to this set of recordings. It gets louder on "Moose Dance" and begins to explore the potential of this simple combination. "Because Please" is like a throwback to the late 70's or early 80's with a modern tongue-in-cheek twist. If you haven't started dancing by this point, you never will! "Call of Booty" is another clear crowd pleaser (like any of these songs aren't!). Closing track "8 Bitch" maintains the power of any previous song and take it on home to the final note. A perfect party collection. If only they could make a CD that was hours long your party might never end!

Luckily for you these dance demons are playing The Space in Hamden on Friday 5/25. Come be a part of the action and the fun and bring your comfy shoes (your feet will thank you for it later).

5/25 @ The Space
295 Treadwell St
Hamden CT

Bands Playing:

Motion Atlas: Two raunchy fellas making racket for dance fans! Bring your legs, don’t leave em’ at home, cause this is gonna be auditory euphoria (you just read a review of their new record!).

Also Performing:
Space Command
World War I's

Doors: 7pm
Cost: $10


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