Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You'll Live, The Moms, Two Humans, 10,000 Blades, Time Horizon @ The Space

The Space is at it again! This time they are hosting Florida's "You'll Live" and many more! Come to Hamden tomorrow for a fantastic night of music!

Check it:

You'll Live (FL)
- just a band that is comprised of three dudes that love to play music together. Formed on a rainy day in summer they have a release to their name and are about to put out a LP this summer.

The Moms
From the underground dark dingy basements of New Jersey comes DIY punks The Moms, composed of vocalist/guitarist Joe Nester, bassist Jon Stolpe and drummer Don Saraceno. Their first single “Bed Time” is a crystallization of the bands frenetic energy and diverse influences into a sophisticated sound that can’t easily be categorized but can easily be enjoyed.

Two Humans
- a well-thought-of group that has nowhere to go but up. They combine the sounds of recent punk rock and timeless rock’n roll, falling somewhere between Modest Mouse and Son House.

10,000 Blades
- a band from Beloit, Wisconsin and sometimes from Hamden, CT but mostly from Beloit, WI. Sometimes they play plucky-croony music and sometimes they play bangy-shouty music. Sometimes they play both in the same song.

Time Horizon
Suburbanite pansy-core with a low infant mortality rate.

Wednesday, May 23 @
The Space

295 Treadwell St
Hamden CT
$10 / All ages
Doors @ 7pm


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