Friday, February 5, 2010

28 degrees Taurus, Rapture Scum at Wrench

Tonight, Friday, February 5, 2010, Against All Odds Productions brings you:

Wrench in the Works
31 Moulton Circuit
Willimantic, CT
(it is a warehouse / parking in rear)

$5.00, 5:00 PM, All Ages

FB event page: CLICK

I've seen a couple of different lineups for this show. We know for sure that Caution is playing, a math rock band à la Tera Melos. This is their demo release show - $2 for the demo. On the Facebook event page, this is the lineup:

To The Depths (local spastic punk) 6:00
Bloody Swimsuit (From Worcester MA) 7:00
Angleworm (From Connecticut) 7:30
Caution (From Connecticut) 8:00
Wonder Catapult (from Cambridge/Boston) 8:45
Rapture Scum (Connecticut's Liz Larson & Mike (from A.T.G.G) 9:30
28 degrees Taurus (from Cambridge/Boston) 10:15

If Indra Zen Versus The World is playing, great, if not, damn. Hey, man, did you really split for the West Coast? Hunting Simon is a local pop punk act. Don't think they're playing this show, though.

UPDATE - lineup above is how this one is gonna roll.


Matt Sokol said...

Hey, this is Matt from Caution. The schedule has been kinda weird for the show, we won't be playing until 9:00 because that's when we were told we'd be playing (and that's the time we advertised to everybody we knew), I'm not sure how that will affect the rest of the schedule.

Basically people should just show up around 6pm and enjoy a few hours of awesome music!

Matt Sokol said...

(also the event page went down due to a resentful ex-bassist but the show is still on!)