Saturday, February 20, 2010

Low-Beam - Charge of the Light Brigade

Low-Beam released Charge of the Light Brigade this year, after 5 years in the making! Originally started in 2004, the band features Jaimee Weatherbee, Rich Freitas, Rich Martin, and Charles Stankewich. The album itself was produced by none other than Michael Deming, who produced some big name stuff (Silver Jews, Lilys, Pernice Brothers) and was released earlier this year on Cosmodemonic Telegraph.

So it all sounds great on paper, but how does the band sound? They sound fantastic, really reminiscent of late-80s shoegaze bands, but with a bit harder edge to them. There's wildly distorted sweeping guitars, early-60s keyboards, and fantastic boy-girl vocals. The whole album sounds like it's been worked on and tweaked and perfected for a very long time, and the end result are immaculate pop songs that are deeply rooted in their influences but still sound fresh and unique. I've been spinning this one since I got my hands on it, and it still sounds great.

You can stream the album below, and find out more by checking out their bandcamp site, or heading over to either Cosmodemonic Telegraph or the Mystic Music Archive.

<a href="">AWOL by Low-Beam</a>

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