Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hulk Smash, Fat History Month, Family Arrow, Florida=DEATH

Hulk Smash from philly (feat. the purrrrdiest curt of all blackest UGH GOD! style) will be destroying the new hawaiian tubercles with its fist pumps and hair gel gyrations as Fat History Month ( will be storming our northern beaches with delta waves of sludge frequencies and pearl harboring your ever-loving metallica scalps. Family Arrows, who played their first show at the new hawaii will be coming back for slippery seconds, and this time, they're bringing more friends with them (maybe even a surprise guest of a band?!)... and florida=death makes their dramatic return to playing at the new hawaii with other people inside it besides migs and hobbs! so in conclusion:

Hulk Smash
Fat History Month
Family Arrow
and more?!?!

The New Hawaii
139 South End Rd
Southington, CT 06489

8:00PM - No Cover, but BUY MERCH

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