Thursday, February 25, 2010

Duchampion, Discourse

Even though they don't share information about their secret concerts (I heard a rumor that there's a Beach House show!) there's been some stuff coming out from two Wesleyan bands in the past few weeks that you should check out. Between bands like MGMT, Santogold and Das Racist, Wesleyan has a lot of groups that came out swinging in the big leagues (but always moving to Brooklyn before they do!). Anyway, if you haven't already heard this through the grapevine:

Duchampion just released their new EP called "One or Several Wolves." It's pretty stellar, something you should be listening to. There's some really cool guitar vamps, YLT and Pavement influences are unmistakable. You can steam it here:

<a href="">Swamp Thing by duchampion</a>

There's also a new band called Discourse which released a pretty sweet video:

Discourse - Golden Year from If And Or Magazine on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

Don't forget about Apache Kid.

John H. said...

Apache Kid is pretty killer!