Thursday, February 18, 2010

The City Skyscape - s/t

The City Skyscape is the brainchild of Christopher Mongillo from Hartford. He blends together electronica and indie pop in an almost modernized version of 80s new-wave bands like Depeche Mode and New Order. His self-titled album was released in March of 2009. On first listen, it sounds a bit like The Postal Service at times, and other times it's something way more aggressive. The lyrical content is very dark, and at times borders on the grotesque, so it's not exactly the kind of thing you normally hear in pop music, but it keeps you listening, wondering what will come next. Songs like "Baby's Been a Bad Girl" and "Our American Girlfriend" are full of terrible scenes and almost scary violent imagery. The latter half of the album dips into more traveled territory, and the songs are more traditional indie-pop lyrically, but remain fun and listenable. This is someone to keep an eye on for the coming months, as he's currently working on a new EP - it should be quite interesting.

You can hear some samples and snag the album on his myspace.

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