Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Wilson River + Brook Pridemore + The Thin Heir + more @ The Tetonka Fortress - Feb 13

Pre-game Valentines day with this show at The Tetonka Fortress this Saturday. Brook Pridemore, The Thin Heir, Mutiny Amongst Friends, Big Wilson River, The Front Bottoms, Tyler Bussy and Liv Carrow will all be playing. The snow has melted now go see a great show.

The Tetonka Fortress - February 13th
42 Curtiss St,
Naugatuck, CT
Brook Pridemore
The Thin Heir
Mutiny Amongst Friends
Big Wilson River
The Front Bottoms
Tyler Bussy
Liv Carrow
Time: 7:00pm
Cost: Donate


Tyler said...

old hannah isn't playing. tyler bussey is. I am tyler bussey. I am one half of old hannah. ba-da-bing!

john smif said...

Fixed. Do you have a myspace?