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Bedroom Rehab Corporation Interview

Bedroom Rehab Corporation are a duo from New London who are tough to classify. They are parts metal, doom, punk, and garage. They are loud and ferocious. They have recorded and released a tremendous album earlier this year titled “Red Over Red” and are constantly playing all over the Northeast. Check out BRC at CafĂ© 9 (250 State St) in New Haven on the February 23rd as presents Royal Thunder, Ancient Wisdom, Stone Titan, and BedroomRehab Corporation. But first read a quick interview Meghan and Adam did with us here.


 What sets BRC apart from other bands in the area?
Adam: The most obvious thing that sets us apart is the fact that there is no guitarist in our band.  We're seeing how far we can push the boundaries of our respective instruments.  I think the other thing that really sets us apart from the New London scene is our ability to shape-shift and play many different types of shows.  We can fit in with the metal bands, we can play with the punks, or garage rock bands.  Our sound is heavier than a lot of bands in the scene, that don't call themselves metal bands, but we're still able to blend pretty well.

 You guys hail from New London. For the people that live under a rock or for the new kids in Connecticut what makes New London a thriving music scene and one of the best in the state?

Adam: Probably the diversity.  There are a lot of bands doing very different things.  I also think that people are beginning to learn to play outside New London and bring new bands in.  That's a huge part of keeping a scene vibrant and current.

Meghan: Definitely diversity, I don't think you could put any two bands from our scene together and say they sounded the same. I don't personally think there's really a "New London sound" or anything - like a lot of scenes might have - and I think there's something to be said about that. We all know each other pretty well around here - most of us for many years - so it's like a big family. There are a lot of events in New London that bring us together... I AM Festival, Whalie Awards, the annual Hygienic celebration etc. We have a really cool thing here... so many talented and creative people.

 You guys are playing the 23rd at Cafe 9 in New Haven with Royal Thunder (Relapse Records), Ancient Wisdom, and Stone Titan. This is quite a lineup. How excited are you guys to be playing such a big show?

Adam: Very!  First of all if I could pick a record label for BRC to be on Relapse would be in my top 3 without a doubt.  So to be playing with a band that is on the Relapse roster is great.  Plus I think we're a solid fit with Royal Thunder, we have a lot of similar elements but we come at them from different angles.  Stone Titan is a great band as well.  I've heard some of their new recordings and they sound great.  Again they're a band that we have a lot in common sonically but still enough differences so that the audience will appreciate everyone.

 A big show this month and a release of a big album called "Red over Red" last month- what else is on the horizon for Bedroom Rehab Corporation in 2013?

Adam: More shows.  Hopefully more "big" shows.  We are hoping to do some weekenders to spread our reach a little bit and then a full-fledged tour at some point.  The biggest thing is to get out promote the record and then when everyone has a copy record another one and spread our reach even farther.  Now that we have an actual product to leave behind it's more and more about doing PR.  The big goal is to keep everything fresh and not get stagnant over this year or in the foreseeable future.

Speaking of "Red Over Red", it was recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato who has worked with such heavy hitters like Thurston Moore, Dinosaur Jr., Black Pyramid, and Witch. What made you guys to decide to work with him?

Adam: The first thing that pointed us towards Justin was the fact that he recorded the Suicide Dolls album “Prayers in Parking Lots.”  We loved the way that record sounded and they raved about what a great guy Justin was so we started to look into the other stuff he had done.  It's really cool that he's been a part of the last 3 Dinosaur Jr. records and did both Jay Mascis and Thurston Moore's solo albums but it was his work with bands like Witch, Black Pyramid and Elder that told me for sure he'd know where we were coming from. He was able to totally capture our sound and offer great suggestions as to how to accent and expand our sonic vision.  We worked for him for 60 hours in 6 days and I don't have any problem saying that I miss getting up in the morning and going to the studio to work with him.  Meghan and my immediate family are the only other people I've spent that amount of time with and not started losing my mind so it just goes to show how laid back and accommodating he really is.

 At the moment.what are your top 5 favorite Connecticut bands? Each of you.

Adam: Suicide Dolls are always at the top of my list whenever this comes up.  Their music just speaks to me and through music we've become very close friends. When the Deadbolt Breaks for sure.  We've been playing a couple of shows with them and they're super great guys and I think our bands blend really well together. Horns of Ormus are great.  Brand new intelligent punk band from right in New London. Our label mate Daphne Lee Martin is also doing great things.  She's completely flipped the script on her sound and is branching out to all sorts of cool areas. I think the last band in my top five would probably be...  The Lost Riots.  Not just you're doing the interview but because I really enjoy the band.  You guys got a little noise a little punk and a whole truckload of rock n' roll.  Always a winner.

Meghan: Anyone who knows me will know The Reducers will always top my list - always! I think Adam said most of the bands I was going to say, but also Slander, a new indie rock band from Mystic. They're really great and have been working really hard these days - they were just named "band to watch" on Streogum! Also, Sadplant from Westbrook - one of the best and hardest working DIY punk rock bands from our state!

 What are both of you currently listening to?

Adam: A lot of old southern sludge.  Old Buz*zoven, EYEHATEGOD, Acid Bath.  On the opposite side of the coin I've been chilling out the the 90's shoegaze stuff, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Slowdive.  I'm going to continue with this formula until I can meld the 2 sounds enough without using any guitar.

Meghan: Usually whatever Adam puts on in the car or at home since we're together most of the time, haha. He's definitely the music collector at our house so it's usually a good diverse collection of stuff.  I also listen to a lot of WCNI during the day... Marko's Punk Rock Jukebox!!

There are some great clubs and venues in the state. What would you say is your favorite place to play past or present?

Adam: The El 'N' Gee because it's such a big stage and the sound is great.  33 for Gene and the great staff and its underground atmosphere.  The Oasis again for the staff and the huge selection of beers.  We love Cafe 9 of course and we're super happy to be going back.  Right now O'Brien in Boston is a place we like playing.  The parking isn't always easy but it's a great club for heavy music and we always feel welcome.

Meghan: Yeah the El-N-Gee have made a tremendous come back over the last few years - we really enjoy playing there. It's a big room with great sound and an awesome staff. Most clubs we've played have been pretty small, and it's just two of us - so it works well for space, but I think our sound works better in a bigger room. Love the Elevens in Northampton, MA as well - same idea - big room, great sound, awesome staff.

 Black Sabbath or Black Flag?

Adam: Sabbath, no question.  Don't get me wrong I absolutely love Black Flag but the stuff I like the most is My War when they were aping Black Sabbath.  There is probably no bigger influence on BRC than Black Sabbath they are the cornerstone of all that is heavy.

Meghan: Yup, Sabbath, hands down.

 If you could boil it down to 1 or 2 records that have changed your lives. Which ones would they be?

Adam: Probably Pearl Jam Vs.  That was the first rock tape I bought with my own money and it is what started to shape my musical identity.  The second one would probably have to be Straight No Chaser by Thelonious Monk.  My senior year of high school I played for a fledgling and truthfully very poor school jazz band.  I basically signed up so I could play bass and get class credit for it.  While I didn't get much out of the class I did get turned on to Monk and he opened my eyes wider and broadened my musical vocabulary more than anyone else I could think of.

Meghan: I was big into the grunge movement in high school - as I think most everyone was in the 90's. Malfunkshun "Return To Olympus", Mother Love Bone "Apple" (I'm a HUGE Andy Wood fan) and Soundgarden "Superunknown" were on heavy rotation in my teens. Also, Deftones made a heavy impact on me in the late 90's/early 2000's, (drummer Abe Cunningham to this day is a huge influence on my playing) - "Around The Fur" and "White Pony" were definitely records that had a heavy impact on my life.

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