Monday, February 25, 2013

Featherwood Bee EP

Featherwood Bee are a Middletown band with an eponymous EP to their name. It's pretty damn good!

Only two songs in length, the Featherwood Bee EP sure is short, but it covers a lot of ground. "Old Rocker" tells the tale of just that, an old rocker, and is accompanied by awesome noodling guitars. The melodies and song changes are really killer in this song and it covers a variety of sounds from quiet and introspective to lung ripping screams.

"Cool Toys" has a classic rock meets old Jane's Addiction vibe. Sorta psychedelic but also dark, it meanders across a dark plain with bursts of cymbals and leads feverishly dropping in.

These guys clearly have promise and hopefully we will have some more tracks to enjoy soon!

1 comment:

Benny G. said...

loved these two tracks... what versatility

how old are they? such a new sound

i've since even written a song about them called

"i wish i was in featherwood bee"

not gna put it out till they're famous tho