Friday, February 15, 2013

Time and Place by The Park

Parker Hu is a prolific local artist. When she isn't the lead singer of Them Damn Hamiltons she is involved in any number of other collaborations, and when she isn't doing that she is making her own magnificent solo albums under the moniker "The Park".

This is extremely high quality audio, expertly recorded and mixed. This is a truly professional sounding record on all levels. The piano and guitar in opening track "You, Unknown" are beautiful, maybe even magical. Parker's voice is extremely versatile and strong. Her lyrics are stirring and clever.

The compositions themselves are intriguing too, they keep you interested without being confusing. "We Are Only Friends" is a real stand out track. It is fleeting and fun and the vocals are especially rich on this track. Compared to the first few tracks this one changes up the mood a bit, to nearly tongue-in-cheek,  but it's appropriate. It's a nice breath of seemingly self conscious air. This song is the clear single from this LP.

Another fantastic stand out track is "Perilous" with its heart wrenching vocal melody. Parker pulls double duty and is able to be not only vocally athletic but also quite affecting. Parker can basically do whatever the hell she wants with her voice and it will most definitely be a success.

"To Never Deny You" is another strong song with remarkable pianos and vocals. It reaches a wonderful "Beach Boys" swell at the 3 minute mark before pulling back quietly into it's finishing moments.

Closer "Killer" is eerie and foreboding, but still very poppy somehow. It's a strange closer, but I do love strange. The confidence in Parker's music and vocals especially become apparent right here at the end. It was there the whole time but it is here when I was able to put my finger on exactly what the emotion was, and it is strong confidence. And with good reason!

Support the scene, and Parker Hu by getting this album from her Bandcamp. She is clearly onto something and not going anywhere!

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