Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Royal Thunder & Stone Titan at Cafe Nine This Saturday!

Royal Thunder is bringing their thunderous metal to Cafe 9 on Saturday, on tour with Ancient VVisdom and including locals Bedroom Rehab Corporation and Safety Meeting's own Stone Titan!

Royal Thunder
Rising out of Atlanta, Georgia, Royal Thunder have been conjuring stoner rock grooves out of the Southern heat since they were formed in 2006 by guitarist Josh Weaver. Featuring singer and bassist Mlny Parsonz, drummer Lee Smith, and guitarist Josh Coleman, the band's hazy, psychedelic so und evokes the early days of stoner and space rock, with Parsonz's soulful vocals bringing an element of dark drama to the band's swaggering sound. Royal Thunder made their recorded debut in 2009 with a self-titled EP, which the band self-released before signing to Relapse shortly afterwards, where the label re-released the album the following year. Their first full-length, CVI, arrived two years later in 2012.

Ancient VVisdom
From the dark corners of Austin, Texas, singer/songwriter Nathan Opposition, his brother Michael Jochum (electric guitar) and acoustic guitarist Justin “Ribs” Mason have been annihilating the underground rock scene under the moniker of ANCIENT VVISDOM. Utilizing unusual instrumentation including a bowed stand-up bass, synths, and machete/bamboo percussion over their acoustic guitars, the band set out to develop an enticing yet macabre sound — which Opposition describes as “the root of rock n’ roll and blues” — on their 2011 debut release “A Godlike Inferno,” which garnered the band a strong cult following. Classic Rock called the album a “dark and brooding beast,” comparing it to “the dirty glam swagger of Ziggy-era Bowie,” while Kerrang! praised its “hypnotic tone and rich soundscapes.”

Stone Titan
"sounds like if Black Flag and Black Sabbath had a retarded love child and kept it chained in a basement and only fed it shit for the rest of its sad and worthless existence..." -Some asshole

"Sounds like if Eyehategod and Buzzov*en took a bunch of LSD together and listened to My Bloody Valentine." -Seth Rothberg

Bedroom Rehab Corporation
BRC is a 2 piece band hailing from New London, CT. and are centered around doom and gloom rifting and slugdy shoe-gaze soundscapes. Gathering influence from grunge, metal, hardcore, stoner rock and blues, the band is writing songs that are more than just the sum of these influences. They have just released their debut LP Red Over Red, a paranormal seafaring concept record. The album is out NOW and available for purchase.

8 pm doors/9 pm music
$10 cover
@ Cafe 9
250 State Street, Newhaven

Purchase advance tickets here

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