Friday, February 8, 2013

Kevin MF King - "Feral Kids" Ep Review

Over the course of the last year a group of singer/songwriters set up shop in the Elm City, guys like Ben Erickson, Shaun Bowen, and Jason Prince. They are passionate and supportive and have started a small DIY scene in New Haven. They all play shows together and self-release their own CDs. Not to be outdone by his peers, KevinMF King has released "Feral Kids” EP and has gained his spot as “king” of the hill. 

Feral Kids” starts out with a song that would make any fan of Elliott Smith happy with the track “Go/Stay,” a song in which someone obviously didn’t realize how great Kevin is.  “Enterludes” is the first of two instrumental tracks on the EP that displays Kevin MF King’s beautiful guitar ability while seemingly sounding like a Jawhawks song that never made it to the “Hollywood Town Hall.” “Wash My Hands” has that old outlaw feel with lyrics that talk about getting away from a man with a gun and running to Mexico. I only hope on his way Kevin stops in the desert to high-five Gram Parsons before he hightails it out of there. “A capo” is the second instrumental track on the EP. It is placed nicely after “Wash My Hands.” It brings you down from that wild ride and gives hope that he made it to Mexico and found peace. The song also demonstrates his guitar playing ability. “Feral Kids” EP ends with “Aren’t.” Sounding like a young Tom Waits, you can feel the pain behind this song in which the ending keeps you wanting more as he repeats “You aren't the one you claim to be.” It makes one wonder who is this person who kicked him to the curb. I’m kind of glad you did, whoever you are, because you are the pain behind some great art.

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